The Incredible Story that started Tri-Bite-Me

The development of an effective insect repellent sprang into action, after the CEO & Founder of Elements of Nature Corp. visited with her family in Belize, where her father contracted a virus that was detrimental to his health and almost costed him his life!

CEO & Founder of Tri-Bite-Me

Claudia Anderson,
CEO & Founder

Here’s Claudia Anderson’s Story:   (Caution! Some pictures are graphic)


Hi there… I am very delighted that you are taking the time to read the story. I know it’s a bit lengthy, but hang in there, it will be worth your time!

My name is Claudia Anderson, I am married, with 3 wonderful children. I have always been passionate about natural products, as a matter of fact, I am a bit OCD when it comes to eating organic and using only natural products. I believe more people are aware nowadays of how harmful chemicals are to our health and environment.

  • In 2014 my family traveled to Belize to enjoy a break from the cold Canadian winter. My parents who live in Austria joined us and we spent two weeks in an area called Placencia.
Mom & Dad's First Visit in Belize

Mom & Dad’s First Evening in Belize

  • We were well aware of the tropical climate and pesky insects, but we had no idea of how bad the insects can be in the areas we visited. Locals informed us that certain areas of Belize are inhabited by a pesky biting insect called Phlebotomus , also referred to as Sand Flies or No See-Ums.
Sandfly Bites

“Feast on the Newbies”. Typical swelling and redness after bites from Sandflies.

  • The only products available was Deet, and two natural insect repellents. We bought what we could get our hands on.
  • One morning my father joined us at the pool area. We urged my dad to spray himself down with the repellent we had. My father has very sensitive skin, so Deet was out of the question. He’s also very stubborn and said to us “No, I’m ok, I usually do not get bitten…. “They can try to bite me”. Ironically, later on, his answer became the name of the product.
  • Well….you can probably guess, that my father received many bites. Typically after extreme itching, swelling and redness of the injection sites, the symptoms subsided. It appeared that everything was ok.
  • We enjoyed the rest of our vacation and my dad did try both natural insect repellents, but they did not work!  He ended up wearing long sleeve shirts and pants and had no other choice, than to spray Deet on his clothing.
  • About 2 months later, I received a frightening phone call from my father. There were two distinctive areas from the bites that started to open up, it looked like a flesh eating disease. The wounds kept getting deeper and wider. Doctor’s believed it was an infection or a germ, tried to treat his wounds, but with little to no improvements.

Almost 6 months later, my father’s health really started to deteriorate.

  • He was getting weaker by the day.  I will never forget the night when I received the call. My father had a heart attack and the doctors feared he may not make it through the night. I would like to make it clear that the doctor’s diagnosis was heart disease. However, they confirmed that his weakened immune system, which was caused by the infected wounds, certainly were a contributing factor.
  • In ICU the doctors did everything possible to save his life and he made it through the night. He received surgery, two stints, a pacemaker with a defibrillator and was on life-support. His liver was not functioning properly. Doctors started to investigate into the two large lesions. The diagnosis came in two days after.
  • Leishmaniasis Wound

    Leishmaniasis Lesion on my Father’s Right Leg

    He contracted Leishmaniasis, which is a disease caused by protozoan parasites and spread by the bite of phlebotomine sandflies. If untreated it can be lethal!


  • The doctors now were able to administer the proper treatment. After almost 1 ½ years, one of the wounds is still in the healing process.


Leishmaniasis Lesion June 2016

Healed Lesion- Right Leg – June 2016


Leishmaniasis Lesions 2016

Lesions healing on Left Leg









What happened to my father really inspired me. I was seeking an effective natural alternative. The ultimate goal was to develop a repellent that actually works, is safe to apply to human skin, and has skin nourishing benefits.

Shortly after the appearance of my father’s lesions, extensive research started on formulating a natural product that can protect you from various biting insects. Almost two years later Elements of Nature Corp. developed Tri-Bite-Me and began field tests in Belize, Costa Rica, Florida, Texas, Canada and Europe. The success was incredible… and here we are!

It is our passionate mission to share this extremely amazing product with you and the world.

Share our story, try our product, you will be amazed how well it works and you will have piece of mind using a product that is safe and free of the harmful chemicals.

There is a lot of misconstrued information about natural and chemical products. Elements of Nature Corp’s team continuously researches and updates our valuable database, so you can stay on top of the latest information on vector borne diseases, industry news, new products we are developing, and special promotions.

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Claudia Anderson

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