Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Tri-Bite-Me last?

Tests concluded repellency for 6 hours. Protection time may vary for some individuals and certain factors can affect repellent time:

  • Not applying the product according to the directions for use.
  • Activity Level, such as swimming, heavy perspiration may require additional application.

Every human body is unique and different in the body’s odor and therefore some individuals will be more of a magnet to biting insects. Here are some factors that Mosquitoes are attracted by human scents. Mosquitoes have very accurate receptors, can detect human scents up to 100 feet away! Scent is the primary way for mosquitoes to find you, but there are other factors that will attract them:

  • Lactic Acid build up on your skin: When physically active or eating certain food groups, your skin emits lactic acid. The more build-up of lactic acid the more the mosquitoes are attracted to you. Minimize the build up by washing with soap after exercising or heavy sweating and ensure you thoroughly dry yourself.
  • Body Odor – the combination of sweat with bacterial colonies make us very attractive to mosquitoes, especially the Anopheles Gambiae, responsible for transmitting Malaria. Fresh sweat is not as attractive. Wash regularly to reduce/minimize body odor. Perfumes and scented products can also attract mosquitoes.
  • Carbon Dioxide – We exhale carbon dioxide and mosquitoes are attracted to the amount and scent.
  • Blood Type – Depending on what blood type you are, you secret a different scent. A study (Nature/Wood and Dore, 1972) revealed that mosquitoes are most drawn to people with type O blood,  while being less attracted to those with type A.
  • Body Heat – Mosquitoes have thermo-sensors that can detect body heat.  The warmer your body is, the more attractive you become to mosquitoes.  Consuming alcohol raises a person’s body temperature. Stay cool and wash regularly. Make sure you dry off, as mosquitoes really love moisture.
  • Color – Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors. Wear light colored clothing.
  • Moisture – It is no surprise that mosquitoes love moisture. They breed and lay eggs in shallow areas of water. Moisture on a person is a prime invitation for Mosquitoes to pay you a visit. Dry off frequently.
What kind of testing was done on Tri-Bite-Me?

Field Tests:

Tri-Bite-Me conducted successful field tests in Belize, Costa Rica, US (Florida & Texas) & in Europe. Field tests were performed following the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) Product Performance & Test Guidelines (OPPTS 810.3700).

Lab Test:

Lab testing is usually not required, and many other companies have no scientific proof behind the claims they make. Tests as such, are very expensive and may reveal some deficiencies in the product. Based on the successful results from the field tests, we feel confident that Tri-Bite-Me outperforms other natural repellents. We engaged a third party scientific lab in January 2017 in the US, specializing in insecticide testing. The test revealed 100% efficiacy against the Aedes Aegypti (transmitting Zika & Dengue fever).




Is Tri-Bite-Me Safe?

Formulated with Safety in Mind

  • Tri-Bite-Me only uses Natural and Organic ingredients (see Superior Ingredients) without Deet, SLS, Phalates, Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Perfumes, Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals.
  • The composition and volume of the ingredients is formulated following Industry Standards, Guidelines & Recommendations, (FIFRA, Tisserand/Young) ensuring the product is safe to apply to human skin.  Many other repellents can’t say that about their ingredient list!



Can I apply Tri-Bite-Me on clothing?

Yes…. You may apply Tri-Bite-Me to clothing for extra protection. For silk type or expensive garments, we do recommend that you try a patch test first.

Tri-Bite-Me can also be applied to back-packs, netting, outdoor furniture (cushions), near entrances or sliding doors.

Why is Tri-Bite-Me higher priced than other natural repellents?

Tri-Bite-Me is a superior product with 23 very effective ingredients. We only use certified organic & natural ingredients and source materials that are grown environmentally friendly, are ethically grown and are the best of quality. We also insist on products that are Kosher, Vegan, GMO & Gluten free, and never tested on animals.

Such products are more expensive and most of them are imported. We continue to endeavor sourcing better prices for our customers.

Other natural repellents also have natural and/or organic ingredients, however, Tri-Bite-Me triumphs over the competition, as our product is packed with some of the best skin benefiting ingredients and works better than any other insect repellent currently on the market.

Can I use Tri-Bite-Me on Pets?

Tri-Bite-Me is developed to be applied to human skin. Some oils are safe for humans but can be toxic to animals. Also the concentration for animals requires a completely different formulation. The good news is, that we are working on a product for pets, including horses. So check back with us soon!

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What is the expiry date of Tri-Bite-Me?

The expiry date is 1 year after opening.

What is the best way of storing Tri-Bite-Me?

Some essential oils in Tri-Bite-Me are volatile, meaning the oils rapidly evaporate, especially when the container is opened up and left open. Therefore do not unscrew and open the mister, unless you are re-filling from the Eco-Refill bottle.

Ideally, keep out of sunlight and store in a cool area. You may also refrigerate the container.

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