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Toxic Chemicals and Your Health

Toxic Chemicals and Your Health



What Your Skin Absorbs When Using Chemicals

Ever wonder what toxic chemicals your body is absorbing?


  • Every person uses personal hygiene products, creams, lotions, make-up, body sprays, shaving cream, mouthwash, laundry detergent, soap; the list goes on. We literally slather our children and ourselves with products we have little or no idea the possible health impacts it can have.

Prior to the requirement of mandatory labeling of ingredients, no-one knew what type of ingredients are in these products, let alone if they are safe for us. The cosmetic industry used to be one of the least regulated industry.

Here is a bit of historical facts that you will find interesting, even unimaginable that our ancestors used these hazardous ingredients:

  • Cleopatra used kohl to line her eyes
  • The ancient romans believed that using urine of a young boy would reduce freckles on the face
  • Japanese Geishas used nightingale feces to make the white face powder
  • During the Victorian days, women used arsenic powder that caused muscle paralysis

Health Issues & Diseases Linked to Chemicals

CANCER    Birth Defects    Neurological Disorders    Inflammation  

Learning Disabilities   Fatigue & Weakness   Skin Allergens



  • We do not see or feel an immediate impact on our health, but silently

your body absorbs about 60% of what you put on your skin! Alarming isn’t it.

  • Children are at higher risk than adults as their skin is young and very tender. The absorption rate for children is 40-50% more than adults. Therefore your children are at higher risk for diseases later in life from chemicals!

Interestingly, in an article about Phthalate safety, (a key component in plastics and many cosmetic products), the CDC data suggests that exposure that is seen in people is low. Environmental group’s response is, that although it may be low level exposure, it is CHRONIC low-level exposure.

“In my view there is sufficient evidence to pique my concern, not only as a parent but as the executive director of the organization, to circulate information directly to parents in a way that they can make the healthiest decision”    (Elizabeth Sword, Executive Director of Children’s Health Environmental Coalition)

Click below to get the Report of the most dangerous Chemicals to Avoid.

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Natural Insect Repellent Product Testing

Natural Insect Repellent Product Testing

  • Product Tests
  • Tri-Bite-Me repellent is tested and proven to work. The formulation was tested in various geographical areas, such as Miami, Houston (US), Placencia (Belize), Jaco & San Jose (Costa Rica) and Europe (Austria).
  • Part of the quality development process is to ensure that the product is effective. Two field study reports listed below are chosen because of the high mosquito habitation in these areas. Additionally, the Miami Study Report, where the Zika virus is rapidly spreading is made available for your review.
  • Clinical Testing was also conducted in January 2017 on the Aedes Aegypti, responsible for the transmission of the Zika Virus and Dengue Fever. This report will be made available shortly.

Test Study Report Miami Oct 2016

Customer Test Report Houston Sep 2016

Making these reports public is not a requirement, however Elements of Nature’s core values are transperancy and honesty. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions at